Online proceedings

The online version of the proceedings is available here.

Accepted papers

Martin Schwarick and Monika Heiner.
CSL model checking of biochemical networks with Interval Decision Diagrams.

Bing Liu, David Hsu and P.S. Thiagarajan.
Probabilistic Approximations of Signaling Pathway Dynamics.

Frederic Didier, Thomas Henzinger, Maria Mateescu and Verena Wolf.
Approximation of Event Probabilities in Noisy Cellular Processes.

Michele Baggi, Demis Ballis and Moreno Falaschi.
Quantitative Pathway Logic for Computational Biology.

Thao Dang, Colas Le Guernic and Oded Maler.
Computing Reachable States for Nonlinear Biological Models.

Aurélien Naldi, Elisabeth Remy, Denis Thieffry and Claudine Chaouiya.
A reduction of logical regulatory graphs preserving essential dynamical properties.

Peter Gennemark and Dag Wedelin.
Improved Parameter Estimation for Completely Observed Ordinary Differential Equations with Application to Biological Systems.

Marc Bailly-Bechet, Alfredo Braunstein and Riccardo Zecchina.
A prize-collecting Steiner tree approach for transduction network inference.

Elena Czeizler, Eugen Czeizler, Ralph-Johan Back and Ion Petre.
Control strategies for the regulation of the eukaryotic heat shock response.

Lucia Napione, Daniele Manini, Francesca Cordero, Andras Horvath, Andrea Picco, Massimiliano De Pierro, Simona Pavan, Matteo Sereno, Andrea Veglio, Gianfranco Balbo and Federico Bussolino.
On the use of Stochastic Petri Nets in the analysis of a signal transduction pathways for angiogenesis process.

Elisabetta De Maria, François Fages and Sylvain Soliman.
On Coupling Models through Model-Checking: the Effects of Irinotecan Injections on the Mammalian Cell Cycle.

Giorgio Delzanno, Cinzia Di Giusto, Maurizio Gabbrielli, Cosimo Laneve and Gianluigi Zavattaro.
The kappa-lattice: Decidability Boundaries for Qualitative Analysis in Biological Languages.

Hayssam Soueidan, Grégoire Sutre and Macha Nikolski.
Qualitative Transition Systems for the Abstraction and Comparison of Transient Behavior in Parametrized Dynamic Models.

Vashti Galpin and Jane Hillston.
Equivalence and discretisation in Bio-PEPA.

Ozgur Akman, Federica Ciocchetta, Andrea Degasperi and Maria Luisa Guerriero.
Modelling Biological Clocks with Bio-PEPA: Stochasticity and Robustness for the Neurospora Crassa Circadian Network.

Mathias John, Cedric Lhoussaine and Joachim Niehren.
Dynamic Compartments in the Imperative Pi Calculus.

Sumit Kumar Jha, Edmund Clarke, Christopher Langmead, Axel Legay, Andre Platzer and Paolo Zuliani.
A Bayesian Approach to Model Checking Biological Systems.

Giampaolo Bella and Pietro Lio.
Formal Analysis of the Genetic Toggle.